Tina Fey II

This video was made from footage many rad folks took using their cell phones! Rad video shooters include:

Hannah Monthie
Scott Voelz
Eli Da Pro
Katie Kolander
Carson Praefke
Kyle Johnston
Dawn Stewart
Justin Barkhurst
Carrie Draught
D’Arcy Johnson
Amanda Mann
Jessica Burch
Joelynn Dormady

(We also used a couple Go Pro cameras.) People at this show then emailed / uploaded / delivered footage to S2D HQ for meticulous, loving editing done by Chris “Hot Cuts” Holoyda.

Thanks to our many pals, associates and enemies who used their smart phones to capture us in this way.

Filmed at Riverwest Public House, a cooperatively owned bar in Milwaukee, USA.

Tina Fey, please call us. You have our number.